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N. Seguin Inc.’s approach respects customers as individuals and focuses on their financial education.

After working for many years in the largest firms of accountants and Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Montreal, Nathalie Séguin decided to take a different path and started her own firm as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

At N. Séguin Inc., the customer is our priority. We understand your reality and the stress you are experiencing. We work with you as a team to reduce or eliminate your financial burden.

N. Séguin Inc. is the Licensed Insolvency Trustee in the greater Montréal area that you can trust.


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Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation allows you to consolidate your debts in one amount. It is not unusual to see people opt for debt consolidation and continue to experience the stress of indebtedness. This solution can be effective because it allows an individual to repay 100% of his or her debts with interest.


Consumer proposal

The consumer proposal has many benefits. As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, we has the right to negotiate with your creditors in order to reduce the amounts you owe and thus quickly relieve you of your financial burden. More than half of our customers get out of debt without going bankrupt.


Personal bankruptcy

Even though the concept of personal bankruptcy is to eliminate your debts by handing over your seizable property to your creditors or their equivalent in value through the Licensed Insolvency Trustee, there are solutions to avoid losing everything.



Is your business going through some financial challenges? Do You Fear the Financial Impact That This Situation Can Have on You? Contact N. Séguin Inc. Our specialists will be happy to analyze your company’s financial situation and to inform you on your options to limit any damages.


Bankruptcy is not the only solution to the debt problem

At N. Seguin, Trustee, personal bankruptcy is the last possible solution.

Our goal is to free you from debt quickly with the fewest possible side effects! Our customers leave happy and with their heads held high.

With a solution such as the consumer proposal, we have the power, as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debts very quickly.

Some of our customers have seen a reduction of their debts without going bankrupt.

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You can come to our office in Montreal or at one of our other offices located in Anjou, Brossard, West Island, Laval, Longueuil and St-Jerome.

The consumer proposal, unlike debt consolidation, helps stop interest payments and even significantly reduces your debts by negotiating with all of your creditors (credit cards, various loans, telecommunications company, etc.).

The consumer proposal allows you to make only one monthly payment without interest to all of your creditors, unlike debt consolidation, which can pay all your debts using a long-term loan with interest.

Some people “suffering” from too much debt opt for borrowing from parallel lenders with high interest rates to get out of it. Unfortunately, this only worsens their situation. Others borrow from their relatives to pay their debts and when they can no longer reimburse them, they must go bankrupt. Then they risk losing their property, family and friends.


Here are our most recent testimonials from satisfied customers:

A big thank you to Nathalie Séguin and her team for their support and professionalism. I did not feel judged at any time. On the contrary, I felt understood and, in only three months, I was able to starting living a normal life again and regain control of my life. For the first time in years, I have confidence in the future. Thank you, Ms. Séguin.


If you have financial problems, don’t do what I did. Don’t wait until it’s too late! In my case, I had to declare bankruptcy. However, if I had known what Ms. Séguin could do, I could have avoided it! Take the time to have a consultation with her, you will not regret it.


Of course, it’s impossible to enjoy going through such an ordeal, but the reality is that the new perspective that Ms. Séguin gave me helped me to get through this difficult time with dignity and respect. Honestly, I’m still not out of the woods, but, with her help, I now believe that I get out of debt!


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