Bankruptcy Trustee in Laval

Are you in debt?

Are you over-indebted and need the services of a trustee in Laval professional? Equifax, the credit monitoring agency, released a report on household debt in Canada. 46% of those in debt managed to reduce their personal debt. Unfortunately, the average debt increased by 3.3% and reached a considerable amount of $22,837 per person.

Our trustee in Laval has put in place a tool to help you establish your debt ratio. The first sign of over-indebtedness is a rate higher than 40%. You may recognize yourself through these other signs. You:Bankruptcy trustee Laval

– make minimum or late payments
– have several credit cards (over 4)
– have already been denied a credit application
– have reached your credit limits on your card or on your line of credit

This type of situation can happen to you as an individual or as a business owner, and this is often a difficult time. Don’t worry, our trustee in Laval is here to help you make the right choices!

Regain control of your financial situation

Need help choosing the right solution for your debt problems? Count on the N. Séguin team to analyze your financial situation and offer you the alternative best suited to your needs. Our financial advisors are professional and attentive.

Trustee in Laval: Our services for individuals

You are an individual and can no longer make ends meet? Our trustee in Laval is here to help you get back on your feet. Several proposals are available to you:

  • Debt consolidation: this will allow you to consolidate your debts into one.  It’s paying your debts with the amount borrowed from your financial institution, but this solution will not allow you to reduce your debts. This decision is good if you are able to repay your debt 100%.


  • If you are not able to repay all your debts, you can opt for personal bankruptcy. Its objective is to find your means without losing all your belongings. If you want to start a new beginning by stopping interest, freeing yourself of your debts, avoiding threats or risks of legal action, personal bankruptcy may be the solution. In our trustee, we have 23% fewer bankruptcies than the average of other trustees in Quebec.


  • Did you know that bankruptcy is not your only option? The consumer proposal is perhaps the best alternative for you. The consumer proposal is a solution that can reduce your debts up to 80%!  This way, you can rebalance your budget and get back on top of your finances.
    Our trustee in Laval will take care of negotiations with your creditors. No more harassment and accumulation of interest! Your payments will be consolidated so that you have only one payment to make each month to our bankruptcy trustee in Laval. We will adjust the amount of your payments based on your ability to meet your obligations.


Businesses: Find your financial balance

You’re a business owner and the competition, market evolution or your management has negatively impacted your cash, here are our solutions:

– The recovery plan consists of identifying your strengths and weaknesses, analyzing the market and competition, then developing the recovery plan and finally putting it in place. Our trustee in Laval will work with you to create a personalized plan for you and your business.

– Commercial bankruptcy is the act of getting rid of all your debts by liquidating all your assets. However, you must stop your activity. If you want to know the terms and to know if you are eligible for commercial bankruptcy, do not hesitate to contact our bankruptcy trustee in Laval.

– The certified proposal is a practical and flexible solution to recover. It allows all stakeholders to come out winners. The principle of this proposal is an agreement between your trustee in Laval and your creditors. You will be able to continue your activity while paying back according to the capacities of your company. Please note that 90% of the proposals presented to the court by our trustee have been accepted.

Get a Free Consultation at our Bankruptcy Trustee in Laval

We know that your financial problems are not to be taken lightly. It is therefore essential for the members of our trustee in Laval to be available and to meet you quickly. The sooner the process is started, the faster you can find your financial equilibrium. Also note that this consultation in addition to not incurring any costs will commit you to nothing thereafter.

For more information on our trustee service in Laval, don’t hesitate to contact us today. An experienced financial advisor will discuss with you with great pleasure.

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