Our Bankruptcy Trustee in St-Jérôme

Are you stressed by your financial situation? Make an appointment with the financial advisors at our bankruptcy trustee in St-Jérôme. They’ll help you get a fresh start with a solution that’s right for your financial situation. Our team of advisors will be your partner in improving your financial situation and your quality of life. Good-bye, stress, hello, solutions!

Bankruptcy Trustee St-JérômeSettle your debts without filing for bankruptcy

Thanks to the consumer proposal, 90% of the clients dealing with our bankruptcy trustee in St-Jérôme succeed in settling their debts without resorting to personal bankruptcy. The consumer proposa lis the ideal solution for those who are able to meet their obligations. This option gives them a second wind!

Our bankruptcy trustee in St-Jérôme has all the legal rights to make a proposal to your creditors. You benefit from an extension to your repayment deadline by as much as 5 years, and you’ll only have one amount to pay each month, which will be adjusted according to your reimbursement ability.

Why Choose Our Bankruptcy Trustee in St-Jérôme ?

The approach at N. Séguin Inc. is centered on servicing the client. Each of our advisors is committed to offering you the best possible support throughout the process. What distinguishes our St-Jérôme bankruptcy trustees from the others?

– Our advisors are passionate and dedicated

– Our bankruptcy trustee boasts one of the highest success rates in Quebec

– We listen to our clients

– Our team is available and understanding throughout the process

Make an Appointment with our Bankruptcy Trustee in St-Jérôme

We offer a free initial consultation with our financial recovery advisors. This meeting is completely confidential with no obligations. Make an appointment today and find out more on your options. You have nothing to lose!

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