Services for Businesses in Financial Difficulties

Is your business going through some financial challenges?


Contact N. Our specialists will be happy to analyze your company's financial situation and to inform you on your options to limit any damages.

Early prevention is the best prevention, so it's critical to act on the smallest doubt or sign.

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For Business Leaders, Owners and Entrepreneurs: Do You Want to Save Your Company?

For a viable business, insolvency and problems related to company liquidity and debt don't have to be the end-all of your business.

Solutions exist, including a business proposal as per the Bankruptcy and Insolvency and Creditors Arrangement Act ( C-36) and the Creditors Arrangement Act, so that a company can overcome a situation with its personnel intact while saving your personal guarantees.

It's time for strategic and positive thinking to put an end to all financial problems facing you business.

Let an expert from our trustee evaluate your company's financial situation, review your personal guarantees as well as your responsibilities as an administrator, in order to suggest some global solutions for you and your business.

Our Services for Businesses Facing Financial Difficulties:

  • Evaluation of a company's financial situation and its viability
  • Recovery plan
  • Receivership
  • Administration of a business proposal
  • Procedure control as per the Creditors Arrangement Act
  • Business bankruptcy file administration
  • Fraud investigation

Financial Crisis Factors

There are certain signs that your business could be facing some short-term or long-term challenges. By identifying these risks early, you can spare your company a financial crisis.

With the Help of N. Séguin Inc.'s Certified Professionals in Business Insolvency, You Can Opt for Success

For more information on our services for businesses facing difficult financial situations, contact us! Here are the different ways to reach one of our trustee's specialists in financial recovery:

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  • Call us at 514 613-2189;
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The first consultation will allow us to establish a complete assessment of your company and identify recovery solutions.