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The consequences of a personal bankruptcy in Quebec

Do you feel that your debt problems are insurmountable? The expertise of a Financial Turnaround Advisor can enlighten you and offer you debt solutions. Among the debt consolidation and the consumer proposal, you also have the choice to declare a personal bankruptcy in Quebec. Faced

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Financial advice

Debt Problems? There Are Solutions

The 5 Signs That Prove You Have Debt Problems Did you know that more than 40 percent of Quebecers are worried about their debt problems? For a good number of reasons, your financial situation could degrade and you could rapidly find yourself in a situation

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Financial advice

Inventory of household debt

According to a report published by the credit monitoring agency Equifax, household debt continues to grow in Canada. According to the same report, 46% of those in debt managed to reduce their personal debt. On the other hand, household debt still recorded a rise of

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Financial advice

How to find an insolvency advisor?

Did you know that the first step towards a solution to your financial problems is to recognize the difficulties you encounter? Sometimes it takes some time to realize that the income you make each month will not be enough to pay off your debts. If

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Financial advice

Know When I should Submit a Consumer Proposal

Is it possible to eliminate a large percentage of your debts, without even going bankrupt and having to deal with the consequences this bankruptcy could bring? In opting for the consumer proposal, the answer is YES. Here is what this opportunity is all about. What

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Financial advice

Why get the help of a financial advisor?

Did you ever wonder about the utility of getting help from a financial advisor? Whether you are on the edge of personal bankruptcy or not, a financial security advisor could be useful on several levels. Séguin Inc. offers you the chance to learn more about

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Financial advice

Should You Use RRSPs to Pay off Debt?

What's an RRSP? An RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a means of saving money during your professional life, with the objective of increasing your revenue for retirement so as to maintain a certain quality of life. All individuals under the age of 71 and

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