What is a credit counselling agency?

A credit counselling organization offers a range of services to people in financial difficulties, including individual meetings and advice to find the best strategy for repayment of their debts through a debt management program. The amount of fees and the proficiency of advisors of these [...]


What is a non-profit credit counselling agency?

It is an organization established for social and educational purposes, created to promote fair, transparent and efficient debt management or financial restructuring. Besides counselling services, a non-profit credit counselling agency provides training sessions to help people make responsible decisions about their debt management.
The amount of [...]


What is a mortgage?

A mortgage (hypothec in Quebec) is the right of a creditor to one or more assets of a debtor. This right guarantees the payment of a debt, so that, in case of nonpayment, the proceeds from the sale of such assets are handed over to [...]

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