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From your very first consultation at N. Séguin, our experts will analyze your financial situation, assess your options and provide you with clear advice. You'll feel relieved and confident because our team takes the time to inform you without rushing you.


We examine your budget, debts and assets, and determine the best solution for your unique situation.


After our meeting, you'll be able to think things over calmly and choose the solution that's right for you, without any pressure from us or obligation on your part. Our goal is simple: to help you return to a debt-free life, quickly and confidently.


Make an appointmentday or evening, for a free, confidential assessment. Fill in the online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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If you have difficulty getting around, we can come to your home to meet you.


At N. Séguin Inc. adapting to your needs is not an option, it's a commitment.

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