Our debt solutions: the guide to get out

Our debt solutionsIf you need help finding the best debt solution, you are in the right place. Our team has numerous years of experience in financial recovery and we are able to help you.

A good financial balance is important in order to enjoy life without too much worry. It’s a simple goal that all of us should be able to achieve. And yet it’s so easy to get into debt if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are many debt solutions before giving up and declaring bankruptcy.

If you are struggling with debt, rest assured. It is possible to regain financial health by following a few simple steps. Discover here the practical guide concocted by our financial advisors and find the best solution for your debt.

Pay attention to small expenses on credit

Credit cards are good, but it’s not money you have. Otherwise, it would not be called credit, but debit. By using your credit card regularly for small purchases, debt climbs quickly. A dinner at the restaurant here, a cinema there, the credit bill goes up. The problem with the easy money that comes with the credit card is that one often spends without counting.

Which unfortunately increases the bills at the end of the month and then plunges us into debt. A good solution for debt is to keep control over the use of your credit card. Ask yourself if this expense is needed on your credit. Avoid adding any small bills that you may pay with your current account.

Debt solution: the savings account

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a big bank account to be able to save. It’s also not necessary to have a TFSA account or an RRSP, although these can be very convenient. If you are unable to open one of these two accounts due to a precarious financial situation, rest assured. There are other debt solutions than these two accounts.

For example, a financial advisor could help you calculate a reasonable amount you could deposit each week in a savings account. This amount could be as low as $20 or $25 a week.  Your bank or caisse will most likely have many savings products that can allow you to withdraw money from these accounts if you need them.

It is therefore an excellent debt solution. This hidden money saves you money or gets you out of financial trouble.

Contact your financial advisor

Finally, the best debt solution is always to seek help from professionals. Contact your financial advisor so he can help you and give you the tools you need to get out of debt. There is no shame in seeking help; your advisors are here to help you.

Whether you are indebted for a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars, they are able to find solutions adapted to your needs and your budget. They will be happy to help you achieve your financial goals while building a comfortable cushion for the future.

For questions about debt solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of the group N. Seguin Inc. will take the call with great pleasure.

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